3:00 am Playlist

I suppose first I should explain what this is all about. I have been asked by a few people to create playlists for them, either because I no longer see them on a regular basis, because they want to learn about new music, or perhaps, to stroke my ego. 

Whatever the reason, this is the first incarnation of that request - let's see how it goes. I tend to want to avoid making any promises of a regular schedule, since I am notorious for not keeping very well to schedules and then feeling very down on myself. Of course when I get down on myself I have a harder time sticking to a schedule, a nasty cycle, you see. 

This is a moody playlist, this is a middle of the night padding around in bare feet listening to the house creak playlist. This is best absorbed in headphones, with some time to yourself. It is not terribly long - only 13 songs. 

This is also a wide ranging playlist - some new, some very old and some that fall in between; it's really just a compilation of some of my rotation these last few weeks. There is a live version of Phosphorescent's Song for Zula with a full string quartet onstage, there is my favorite track from Alt-J's newest album, RELAXER, and there is also some vintage Bruce Springsteen, for good measure.